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HIP Board Members

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William J. Collis, M.D., Chair Person

Active Board Members

Joseph P. Bark, M. D.

Ricky Collis, M. D.

Mr. Todd Collis

Mrs. Constance Collis

Mr. Rex Hart

Mr. Paul Johnston

Mr. John Maddox

Everett McCorvey, Ph. D.

J. William McRoberts, M. D.

Justice Mary Noble

Rhoda-Gale Pollack, Ph. D.

Mr. Reed Polk

Honorable Tom Prather

Peter Sawaya, M. D.

Mrs. Adalin Wichman

The Honorable Isabel Yates

Emeritus Members

Mr. James Archambeault

Mr. Ted Broida

Mr. Roger Dalton

Mr. A. F. Dawahare

Jon S. Demos, M. D.

George Digenis, Ph. D.

Mr. Marshall Estepp

Mr. Kerry Gilliham

James F. Glenn, M.D.

The Honorable Pam Miller

The Honorable Foster Pettit

Jane Phillips, Ph. D.

Mr. Thomas L. Preston

Mr. Howard Settle

Robert F. Sexton, Ph. D.

George Zack Ph. D.

Judge Henry Wilhoit

Mr. Tom Wilmes