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Mrs. Constance Collis, Interior Decorator, Retired

Co-founder of the Hellenic Ideals Program of the Bluegrass, Connie Collis has been the guiding force of the Program's musical, artistic and culinary endeavors.

Connie's diverse and numerous musical and artistic activities include serving for many years and in many positions on the boards of:

  • the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra
  • the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra Women's Guild
  • the Kentucky Folk Art Center
  • the Lexington Opera Society.

Connie has also served for many years as a member of the National Society of Arts and Letters and as a Docent at the University of Kentucky.

Connie's special role as a mother, homemaker, and spouse is never understated. Connie is the mother of Todd Collis (married and living in Columbus, Ohio) and Adam Collis (married and living in Los Angeles, California). Her dedication to family is her most treasured passion.

From 1980 to 1995, Connie was a principal in the interior design firm of Ashland Interiors. For her unique understanding of and feeling for style and beauty, Connie designed some of the most beautiful and well known homes in the Bluegrass.

Connie received her B.A. degree in Theater Arts from George Washington University in 1964 and attended the University of Kentucky for one post-graduate year in 1979.

The stability and success of the Hellenic Ideals Program owes a great debt of gratitude to this creative, meticulous, and special member of our community.