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Honorable Scotty Baesler (1986)
Mrs. Virginia Marsh Bell (1989)
Mr. Wendell E. Berry (1982)
Mrs. Rose Mary Brooks (2007)
Mr. David B. Clark (1984)
Dr. Thomas D. Clark (1996)
Mrs. Constance Collis (2000)
Dr. William Collis (2000)
Pres. William H. Crouch, Jr. (2008)
Mrs. Lucy Shropshire Crump (1991)
Dr. Joseph Engelberg (1994)
Mr. John Ryan Gaines (1999)
Mr. Lyman V. Ginger (1985)
James F. Glenn, M. D. (2009)
Joe Graves (2010 Founders Award)
Mr. Clifford O. Hagan (2006)
Dr. Everett McCorvey (2002)
Honorable Pam G. Miller (2003)
Dr. Ralph E. Miller (2003)
Dr. Monroe Moosnick (1983)
Justice Mary C. Noble (2010)
Dr. Roy P. Peterson (1998)
Thomas L. Preston (2010 Founders Award)
O. Leonard Press (2010 Founders Award)
Lillian Press (2010 Founders Award)
Honorable H. Foster Pettit (1993)
Mr. Larry S. Roberts (1981)
Dr. Robert F. Sexton (2005)
Mrs. Gloria W. Singletary (1997)
Dr. Otis A. Singletary (1997)
Mr. Herbert D. Sledd (1995)
Mrs. Harriet Van Meter (1987)
Mr. Earl D. Wallace (1988)
Mrs. Adalin Wichman (2004)
Honorable Isabelle Yates (2001)
Mr. William T. Young (1990)
Dr. George Zack (1992)