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1994 Speaker - Professor Judith P. Hallett

Professor of Classics, University of Maryland at College Park

Dr. Judith P. Hallett is a true classicist at heart. She began her academic career at Wellesley College, receiving her B.A. in 1966, and going on to pursue both her M.A. and Ph. D. in Classical Philology at Harvard University, which she received in 1967 and 1971, respectively. Her education was not strictly stateside; while at Harvard, she studied at the American Academy in Rome and upon graduation from the institution, studied at the University of London’s Institute of Classical Studies. Currently, Dr. Hallett is a Professor, as well as Director of Graduate Studies, for the Classics department at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Due to her expertise in her field of study and proficiency in the classroom, Dr. Hallett has been granted several prestigious awards and fellowships, including:

  • The College of Arts and Humanities Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Distinguished Scholar-Teacher at the University of Maryland (1992-1993)
  • Recognized by the Center for Excellence in Teaching Celebrating Teachers program (1994, 2002)
  • Lilly-Center for Excellence in Teaching Fellow (2002-2003)
  • Blegen Visiting Scholar in Classics at Vassar College
  • Mellon Teaching Fellowship at Brandeis University
  • Mellon Teaching Fellowship at the Wellesley Center for Research on Women
  • Research Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Dr. Hallett is also an important voice in classical research and authorship. Her major publications and contributions include:

  • Fathers and Daughters in Roman Society: Women and the Elite Family (author, 1984)
  • Compromising Traditions: The Personal Voice in Classical Scholarship (ed. with Thomas Van Nortwick, 1997)
  • Roman Sexualities (ed. with Marilyn B. Skinner, 1997)
  • Rome and Her Monuments: Essays on the City and Literature of Rome in Honor of Katherine A. Geffcken (ed. with Sheila K. Dickison, 2000)

She has also authored sundry articles, book chapters, essays, reviews, and translations.

As an instructor, researcher, and author, Dr. Hallett has several fields of special interest, most notably:

  • Ancient Roman and Greek civilization
  • The classical tradition in the modern world
  • Latin language and literature
  • Women, sexuality, and the family in the ancient world

Her publications tend to particularly reflect her fascination with the role of gender in antiquity.

Dr. Hallett’s expertise is also valued by the media world. She has been featured in and consulted for several different projects, including:

  • The Canadian Broadcasting Company’s “The Court of Ideas” (1986-1994)
  • The History Channel/A&E’s “Movies in Time” and “The History of Sex” (1999)
  • The PBS documentary series “The Roman Empire in the First Century” (2001)

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